Headset & Me

  • Checkpoint : majicmixRealistic_v6
  • Prompt : (masterpiece:1.2), (ultimate quality:1.2), (official art:1.2), (flawless face beauty:1.0), (beautiful:1.1), (aesthetic:1.2), (1girl), extremely detailed, highest detailed, (detailed skin texture, realism skin, realistic skin:1.0),ful body,
    Beautiful girl, very delicate, sharp focus, masterpiece, best qulity, computer game, gaming room, (large breasts), fake animal ears, animal ear headphones, sitting, thighhighs, pink shirts, hot pants, black hair, pink eyes, off shoulder, bare shoulder, (photorealis, a fancy and detailed dress, open shoulder),14 yo,smile,random pose
    Negative prompt: (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2.0), (bad quality:2.0), (monochrome:2.0), lowres, normal res, bad res, bad-artist-anime, bad-artist, (watermark:2.0), (text:2.0), (sketches:2.0), (paintings:2.0), (drawing:2.0), (font:2.0), (signature:2:0), (brand logo:2.0), (bad anatomy:2.0), (out of frame:1.3) , out of focus, (duplicated:2.0), (error:1.2), (ugly:2.0), (easynegative:1.2), (horror:1.6), geometry, (ng_deepnegative_v1_75t:1.2), (bad-hands-5:1.5), (badhandv4:1.5), (bad_prompt:1.2), (cropped:1.5), (closed up:1.8), (bad fingers, 3 fingers, 4 fingers, 6 fingers, all fingers are the same length, all fingers are the same size, bent fingers, fingers bent between joints, crinkled fingers, wierd fingers, fused fingers, fingers overlap, extra fingers, ugly fingers, abnormal fingers, broken fingers, tangled fingers, missing fingers, incomplete fingers, interlocked fingers, bad fingertips, ugly fingertips, melted fingertips, dented finger, first fingers longer than second fingers, third finger longer than second fingers, fourth finger longer than third fingers, fingers without nails, 2 nails in 1 fingers, sharp nails, bad nails, regular nails, deformed nails, long nails ,ugly nails, different nails color, deform nails, deformed fingers, amputated fingers, fingers melted to body, too many fingers, fingers too long, distorted fingers, disappeared fingers, growing fingers, growing fingers from body, stacked fingers, thumbs growing from other fingers, swap thumbs, exaggeratedly long thumbs, thumbs longer than fourth fingers:1.7), (more than 2 hands, man hands, rough hands, strength hands, mutated hands, crinkled hands, hands melting with body, liquid hands, inverted hands, extra hands, bad hands, big hands, huge hands:1.7), (more than 2 arms, bad arms, long arms, distorted arms, extra arms, fused arms, detached arms, unbalance hands to arms, twisted arms, broken arms, swap arms, inverted arms:1.7), (extra legs, legs grow out of different parts of the body, missing legs, disembodied legs, more than 2 legs:2.0), (bad position fingers, bad position hands, bad position thighs, bad position legs, bad position arms:1.1), (extra navel:2.0), (neck reversed, elongated neck, long neck:2.0), (completely nude:1.2), (nipple appeared, tits appeared:2.0), (show nipple, show tits, open nipple, open tits:2.0), (show pussy, pussy appeared:2.0), cameltoe, imperfection, unattractiveness, (body fat:1.4), (regular pose:1.2), (blurry face:1.2), (confused face:1.2), wierd face, ugly face, (regular face emotion:1.1), (doll skin, rubber doll skin, 3d skin, 2d skin, 3d render, 3d face, 2d face, 2d nose, cartoon face, slim face, anime face and skin:1.6), (over brightness on face model:1.4), unbalanced body, wierd body, unnatural body, body reversed, extra body, extra nipples, disembodied limbs, multiple limbs, extra limbs, (hair between eyebrow and eyes:1.2), (cartoon eyes:1.2), (big breasts, big chest, huge breasts, huge chest:0.6), (flat breasts, man breasts, flat chest:1.8), wide-eyed, strabismus, cross-eyed, (stand straight:1.1), (ugly nose, ugly nose sized, no nose tip, wierd nose, flat nose:1.4), (single color background:1.6), (Proportions and angles of the eyes are not appropriate, bad eyes, ugly eyes, bad eyes shadow, bad dolly eyes:1.2), (huge eyes, large eyes, unbalance eyes:1.2), skin without pores, (frowning, sickness, irritable, bad mood, emaciated, haggard, look unhappy, seedy, doleful, dazed look, fake smile, nervous, lonely, dismal, aggressive, angry:1.2), (wig, messy hair:1.0), (oversized head:1.6), (Lolita, childish, naive, teenage:1.0), (mature, ,old woman:1.2), photo frame, graceless, ugly teeth, split in half photo, (full body shot:1.8), (unreal skin tone texture:1.6), (smooth skin:1.6), (skin without hair follicle:1.1), excessive twisting of the head and body, (3 hands:1.6) ,(4 hands:1.6), (3legs:1.6), (3 thighs:1.6), unbalance lower lips and upper lips of model, (naked:2.0), over 30 years old, regular angles view, regular background,
    Steps: 14, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 4, Seed: 705171039, Face restoration: CodeFormer, Size: 512×768, Model hash: e4a30e4607, Model: majicmixRealistic_v6, Clip skip: 2, Version: v1.3.2